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Everyone Needs A First Aid Kit

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Every kit is built in Bend, Oregon, with the contents purchased from US sources supporting American jobs.

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Each kit is similar. Check the matrix on the right for differences in kit contents. Each kit comes with a detailed content list and a comprehensive First Aid Guide which will help you in the time of need

Zippy Kits

These are the perfect size for various needs and they ‘come along’ with you for much needed aid. They are inexpensive, and each one is designed for a specific use, so you might want to order a number of them and ‘always be prepared’. They also make fabulous gifts, and are great to have on hand when that very special gift is needed. We have one for the glove compartment, one for outdoor hiking trips, one for sports bags, one for your beloved 4 legged family members. Follow this link to learn more about our Zippy Kits. Price: $16

Scout Kit

When you are outside having fun sometimes things can become..less..fun.

Be ready with a Right Response Scout First Aid Kit. Great for Insect stings, scrapes, burns, and lots of other minor fun spoilers that are waiting out there!! Tuck this kit in your gear. Ready is a great feeling!!!
Makes great gifts for all boy scouts, girl scouts, brownies, etc. Follow this link for more information. Price: $19

Home Kit

The Home Kit is our most popular kit. A full size, soft-sided kit that is perfect for your home, RV, car or boat. Organized and well-stocked with physician selected items. Please follow this link to learn more about our Home Kit. Price: $30

First Aid for Life Kit

Be prepared for emergencies with this sleek, durable kit filled with the first aid supplies needed to treat typical home and outdoor injuries. Please follow this link for more information. Price: $30

Ultimate Survival Kit

This is Our most comprehensive unit, packed with first aid supplies and emergency items. Peace of mind and true disaster readiness. Follow this link to learn more about the Ultimate Survival Kit. Price: $120

Business Kit

Treat typical workplace injuries with this complete first aid kit for up to 25 people. Meets OSHA requirements and ANSI standards. Follow this link for more information. Price: $50