K.L. Carver Elementary School

K.L. Carver Elementary School

K.L. Carver Elementary School

San Marino, Calif.

Total Sales: $45,400

320 students

“We were looking for something different as well as healthy. RightResponse turned out to be great for our school!”  – Kathy Osegueda Parent Coordinator

Combine two parent volunteers who did their homework with an inspired student body and you get a fundraiser that earns straight A’s!

When parent volunteers Tami McGovern and Kathy Osegueda sought a new fundraiser for their school, they thought RightResponse might be a good choice. But to be sure, the parents contacted other schools who had used RightResponse. And liked what they heard.

Working closely with their Fundraising Specialist, the parents and teachers got students fired up to sell, offering prizes and other fun incentives. Some teachers inspired students by offering a “no homework” day for the top selling classes.

In a few short weeks, the fundraiser crested at an amazing $45,400 in sales, with 320 kids selling at least one kit. The $22,500 raised will pay for music and art programs at the school, as well as part of the salary for a librarian and a computer lab staff member.

“Parents were tired of selling the same products year after year and wanted something new,” said Tami McGovern. “They loved first aid! You can never have too much first aid.”


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