Everyone Needs A First Aid Kit

HOSA Scholarship Dinner!!!

Big thanks to Right Response Fundraising Specialists and Sandi Burgess for the awesome scholarship!!!!!

HOSA Dinner5 years ago today I had the pleasure of standing onstage at the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee, in front of 10,400 HOSA students (international club for future doctors that is in Jr. High Schools, High School, and Colleges). Our company is endorsed by the Nationally and in 34 states. I handed the scholarship from our company Right Response to Nathaniel Glauque onstage to 10,000 cheering students. I was the speaker right before the Surgeon General of the United States!!! Meeting the Surgeon General, and having dinner with so many national figures that support International HOSA was so amazing!!!

K.L. Carver Elementary School

San Marino, California

Total Sales: $45,400

Participants: 320 Students

“We were looking for something different as well as healthy. RightResponse turned out to be great for our school!” ~ Kathy Osequeda, Parent Coordinator

Combine two parent volunteers who did their homework with an inspired student body and you get a fundraiser that earns straight A’s!

Kingwood High School HOSA

Kingwood, Texas

Total Sales: $27,070

“”This was an amazing opportunity and such a great idea. These are the perfect products for our Health Science student fundraiser. These were easy to sell and we made a huge profit.” ” ~ Pam Lard, Program Advisor

Students who are part of a HOSA group are often outstanding achievers. The Kingwood crew is certainty no exception.

Thomas M. Ryan Intermediate School

Richland, Michigan

Total Sales: $32,000 in multiple fundraisers

Participants: 300 Students

“This was a hit with parents as well as customers. It’s easy to sell something everyone needs!” ~ Melissa McKay, Parent Fundraising Coordinator

A Michigan school discovered that RightResponse can be even better the second time around!

Boy Scout Troop 24

Cartersville, Georgia

Total Sales: $21,700

Participants: 23 Scouts, 2 Adults

“The value in the first aid kits the boys were selling was fatastic and it’s a great fit for our Scouts!” ~ Vern Donoho, Boy Scout Troop 24

Boy Scout Troop 24 discovered the power of character and hard work by selling nearly $22,000 in RightResponse first aid kits.

Model United Nations Club

Mission Viejo, California

Total Sales: $20,632

Participants: 200 Students

“Parents and schools are just tapped out for funds. Thanks to RightResponse, we were able to earn the money needed for our students.” ~ Dominic Trevino, Teacher, Mission Viejo High School

Tight budgets have taken a toll on worthwhile school programs. Mission Viejo High School students took on that challenge by raising money for their Model United Nations program with the help of RightResponse.

Beaverton High School DECA

Beaverton, Oregon

Total Sales: $20,030

Participants: 58 Scouts

Beaverton High School HOSA Future Health Professionals conducted a VERY SUCCESSFUL fundraiser. The students decided to donate their profits to three charities: St Childs Place, National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, and Operation Walk Freedom to Move.

Orange County Boy Scouts

Santa Ana, California

Total Sales: $19,300

Participants: 58 Scouts

“The products were so easy to sell and Scouts selling first aid just makes sense!” ~ Tom Sales, Orange County Boy Scouts

Participating in the National Jamboree is a dream for any Boy Scout. Scout troops in Orange County, California, turned to RightResponse to make that dream a reality.

Boy Scouts of America

Pennsylvania Dutch Council

Total Sales: $54,958

Total Profit: $27,492

The Pennsylvania Dutch Council, Boy Scouts of America, conducted a very successful RightResponse fundraiser in the Spring of 2021 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer camp, day camp, a BSA high adventure base, or raise money for the unit’s outdoor program.

The fundraiser was so successful they plan on conducting another one during 2022.


Heritage High School Band

Heritage High School Band

Vancouver, Washington

Total Sales: $16,954

Participants: 34 Students

“Band members and parents were thrilled with the success of their event.”

Heritage High School Band held their first fundraiser the RightResponse products in November of 2016, and more than doubled their sales when they chose to do the fundraiser again in January of 2019.

Bend High School DECA

Bend, Oregon

Total Sales: $16,800

Participants: 26 Students

“It was such a great program we decided to do it twice in one year! The community loved it and so did our DECA students” ~ Kristen Torkelson, Director

The Bend High School DECA Club is all about business success, and it shows! To raise funds to attend the state competition, they chose the RightResponse program and had over $8,000 in sales!

JROTC Fundraising Success

JROTC High School Units

San Antonio, Texas; Austin, Texas; and Farmington, New Mexico

Total Sales: $16,186

Participants: 105 Cadets

“RightResponse provided quality products and great support!”

JROTC Units in Texas and New Mexico have outstanding success in fundraising.

Woodward-Granger Elementary School

Granger, Iowa

Total Sales: $15,247

Participants: 175 Students

“RightResponse fundraising is everything a school fundraiser should be!” ~ Cheryl Kruger, Art Teacher

Woodward-Granger Elementary wanted to buy a kiln for the school’s art department. The kiln was intended to enhance student learning, so everyone wanted to find a way to buy it.

Woodward-Granger Elementary School fundraising success
Lemon Grove Little League Fundraising Success

Lemon Grove Little League

Lemon Grove, California

Total Sales: $15,000+

Participants: 128 Players

“This is my third year as president and RightResponse is the most profitable fundraiser we’ve ever had.” ~ Art Martinez, Board President, Lemon Grove Little League

The Little League in Lemon Grove, California, hit the big league in fundraising thanks to Right Response. League officials thought Right Response’s innovative first aid kits would offer a fresh approach for their fundraising.

Immaculate Conception Academy

San Francisco, California

Total Sales: $15,000

Participants: 70 Students

“This is truly a healthy alternative to the candy we’ve sold in the past.”

With the cost of athletics rising, Immaculate Conception Academy needed to raise funds for its sports teams.

North Kitsap Little League Fundraising Success

North Kitsap Little League

Poulsbo, Washington

Total Sales: $14,016

Participants: 170 Players

“Everybody loved RightResponse fundraising. It was good for the kids, good for families and good for the community.” ~ Mike Driscoll, League President, North Kitsap Little League

A “chocolate mess” 16 years ago turned off a Little League in Poulsbo, Washington, to fundraisers involving players. That changed when they turned on RightResponse.

Razzle Dazzle Spirit Squads

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Total Sales: $12,891

Participants: 85 Cheerleaders

“We needed something different for fundraising. RightResponse fit perfectly with our group.” ~ Ami Williams, Fundraising Coordinator, Razzle Dazzle Spirit Squads

Razzle Dazzle offers instruction and training for elementary and middle school cheerleaders. The group needed a fundraiser to help teams pay for uniforms and fees to participate in cheerleading competitions.

Razzle Dazzle Spirit Squads Fundraising Success
Cordillera Elementary School Fundraising Success

Cordillera Elementary School

Mission Viejo, California

Total Sales: $7,903

Participants: 46 Students

“I was happy to see these kids so excited to be selling something different and new. No more candy bar fundraisers for our school!” ~ Patty Pineda, Cordillera Elementary School

Some budding scientists decided to experiment with RightResponse for fundraising and proved that first aid is a winner in earning money.

Puyallup Lacrosse Club

Puyallup, Washington

Total Sales: $5,431

Participants: 40 Players

“RightResponse was perfect. It was something that no one else was doing and people loved the kits!” ~ Wendy Williams, Puyallup Lacrosse Club

The Puyallup Lacrosse Club needed something that would stick with players and supporters to inspire fundraising for the league.

Puyallup Lacrosse Club Fundraising Success
Barlow High School Cheer Fundraising Success

Barlow High School Cheer

Gresham, Oregon

Total Sales: $5,400

Participants: 27 Cheerleaders

“Unique, compact and affordable product. We bought kits ourselves!”

The parents of the varsity and junior varsity cheerleading squads at Sam Barlow High School in Gresham, Oregon, were tired of typical fundraisers. One parent discovered RightResponse and took the idea to coaches.

Brennan High School HOSA

San Antonio, Texas

Total Sales: $8,495

“Despite the fact that the fundraiser was optional for all students in our program to participate, it was definitely a success. It was our first year having this type of fundraiser and involving our entire program.” ~ Christina Granado, Advisor

Brennan HS HOSA Success Story

Organization Testimonial

“We would like to thank you for your time today. You put a smile on all of our faces. We loved your energy and walked away feeling more confident in our fundraiser. We will stay in touch so that you may continue to provide us with assistance on how to successly complete our fundraiser. Thank you so much again for all your help.” ~ Grace L. Lugo, Biology with Lab Honors Teacher, PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science Pathway Teacher, Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering

Boaz High School HOSA

Boaz High School HOSA

Boaz, Alabama

Total Sales: $4,060

Participants: 40 Members

A Right Response First Aid Kit fundraiser was conducted by the HOSA Future Health Professionals chapter from Boaz High School, Boaz, AL.  This fundraiser was the most successful fundraiser for any Alabama HOSA chapter!


Youth Choir of Central Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Total Referral Rewards: $4,000

Participants: 150 Cheerleaders

“We thought Refer-a-Friend would be an easy and stressfree way to raise money. Suddenly, we started getting checks in the mail and everyone said, ‘Are you kidding! This is great!'” ~ Chris Asher, Executive Director, Youth Choir of Central Oregon

RightResponse’s exclusive Refer-a-Friend program was a pitch-perfect way for the Youth Choir of Central Oregon (YCCO) to raise thousands of dollars – before they sold a single first aid kit!

Youth Choir of Central Oregon

Taylor Tavares

LaPine, Oregon

Total Sales: $4,000

Participants: 1 Student

“First aid kits are so easy to sell because everyone needs one!” ~ Taylor Tavares, High School Student

Taylor Travares was determined. Her dream was to travel to Chicago for a choir performance. But the reality was the trip was expensive and she thought there was no way to go. When she learned about RightResponse, Taylor discovered her dream could come true.

Taylor Travares Successful Fundraising
Cub Scout Pack 19

Cub Scout Pack 19

Weymouth, Massachusetts

Total Sales: $3,600

Participants: 26 Cub Scouts

“We really liked the product and its association to the Cub Scout Mission”

First aid is the most common merit badge a Cub Scout can earn. A Cub Scout Pack in Weymouth, Mass., decided to go beyond earning a first aid badge and instead earned money wiht first aid, raising hundreds of dollars with RightResponse.

Eastlake High School Show Choir

Chula Vista, California

Total Sales: $3,154

Participants: 40 Students

“RightResponse kits were easy to sell and we were able to make the money we needed quickly.” ~ Joseph DeMers, Choir Director, Eastlake High School Show Choir

When the choir at Eastlake High School in Chula Vista, California, needed funds to travel to bright lights of Tinseltown, they found RightResponse was music to their ears.

Eastlake High School Show Choir
Vancouver Cardinals

Vancouver Cardinals American Legion Team

Vancouver, Washington

Total Sales: $3,000

Participants: 13 players

“This is really a healthy alternative and gives people something they can really use.”

Baseball is an American tradition and a team in Vancouver, Washington, scored in fundraising with distinctly American-made products from RightResponse.

Boise High School Athletic Program

Boise, Idaho

Total Sales: $2,820

Participants: 20 Students

“This fundraiser goes very well with our purpose to provide quality medical coverage to athletes.”

When the head athletic trainer at Boise High School needed to raise money and earn community support, she found RightResponse was “right up our alley!”

Boise High School Athletic Program
California Bears Baseball

California Bears Baseball

San Diego, California

Total Sales: $2,700

Participants: 15 players

“Having a product that the kids can sell and be proud of is a huge motivator.” ~ Dave Palet, California Bears coach

A team of 13-year-old baseball players stepped up to the fundraising plate and hit one out of the park with RightResponse.

Milbank High School HOSA

Milbank, South Dakota

Total Sales: $2,300

Participants: 18 Students

“The fundraiser was very easty to do and the staff at RightResponse were very helpful.”


Milbank High School HOSA
Julie Murphy Medical Fund

Julie Murphy Medical Fund

Oregon City, Oregon

Total Sales: $2,200

Participants: Family of 5

“You don’t have to be a large organizaton to benefit from a healthy fundraiser such as RightResponse”

The diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for a seven-year-old girl prompted her family to turn to RightResponse as a way to pay for medical expenses.