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I have always been associated with ‘helping people’. In order to understand my journey, and what led me to Fundraising, I invite you to look at some of my ‘history’, and how I learned how important raising funds for others is.

To start off my story, I had a bit of difficult start. I was out of the house at 16, and took my 12-year-old sister, and 14-year-old brother in at the age of 17. Luckily, there were agencies that helped make this possible, and helped out with food and other needs. In college, I knew that I wanted to study social work. I knew that there were many that needed additional help, and my desire was to be a part of that. All during that time, I volunteered as a candy striper in various hospitals, at Downstate, and many other venues. I learned the importance of agencies that were there to help but needed funding to be able to ‘exist’.

Unfortunately, after I was divorced, with 2 young infants, I learned the importance of agencies that helped with legal matters, food matters, and various other agencies that help get a woman back on her feet.

At one point, I was appointed by Governor Kean, the Governor of New Jersey at the time, as the County Coordinator for the Bergen County Child Assault Prevention Inc. That program was wonderful, until it ran out of funding, and then we were urged by the state to ‘incorporate’, build a board, and raise money in order to be able to continue to offer this very valuable program to help keep the kids safe, strong and free.

It was the first time that I was involved in writing a Grant and helping to get an agency off the ground. I learned so much about what it took to raise $$. I, as the Administrator of the Agency, had to keep coming up with new ideas of how we could raise money so that the various schools that so badly needed our program would be able to afford it (we were taught what the cost was, and the facilitators needed to be paid for their efforts). I had a first-hand training of what it took to help various schools raise the money in our county for this very valuable program.

Raising money is not generally an easy task. I remember once my agency purchased 250 tickets from a nearby Playhouse attached to Fairleigh Dickenson University. I was excited to have it be a ‘social thing’, and had tried to get those tickets for ‘a discount if you buy in bulk’. My intention was to purchase that and make a deal with a nearby restaurant to give a % back from everyone that purchased desserts and coffee. I thought, what a great thing (my stepson at the time was in the play and I thought it was a triple hitter!!). Not so fast. As it turned out, the woman who sold the tickets for the American Stage explained to me, that since I was an ‘unknown agency’, even though I bought the tickets with funds, they couldn’t sell them to me, because they could not risk that no one would show up for the actors. That was another time that I noticed how important raising funds was, but that it was not always so easy to raise the needed funds for various projects.

As my children were in school, there came other ‘opportunities’ to try to raise money. Many of the teachers said that it is something that they need to do all the time because with some of what the schools want to do, even though they are great learning ideas for the students, there isn’t always money in the coffers to do what you need. They explained that for a school to take a group of students on a trip, whether it be to Philadelphia for the Liberty Bell, to Washington DC to see the monuments and the White House, to Boston to see Plymouth Rock, where the Boston Tea Party unloaded their Tea, or the Freedom Trail, you need to hire buses that cost considerably, you need to pay the teacher that is going there as the escort, or if there are 350 students going as the escorts, and you need to pay the bus company a considerable amount of money to pay for the bus, the gas, the tolls, and their insurance for the children. So, while my children were in school, I was the participating mom, and I learned all about the fundraising efforts to help make these fabulous trips become reality for my children’s school.

For a brief period, I decided to take a position with selling bus trips to schools for education, and in the summertime, to the various summer parks. One great trip that I sold was to go to the 4 largest Roller Coasters in the United States. You cannot believe how many camps opted to purchase that, and how much the bus company charged for the campers to go on this 5-day overnight trip. I learned so much about what the cost of these trips were, and there were many a camper that didn’t get to go because their parents ‘didn’t have the extra money’ (and that happened in many schools as well, students that didn’t go on the school trip because their parents couldn’t afford it).

My eyes were opened about how much need there was out there on every level for health services, therapy, trips, schools, and religious groups were all in need of funds and they were all on their own to raise their funds.

Then my own ‘time’ came. My daughter’s school was having the ‘top students’ go to England as a ‘reward’. But I was a single mom, and I was desperate to raise the money to get her there. That is where I learned about fundraising. And somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that when I could, I needed to help as many people as possible raise the funds that they needed.

The opportunity came when I got involved with a huge telecommunications company (no longer in existence). I was very lucky that I was able to make an inordinate amount of money, and I donated as much as I could to so many great organizations that so desperately needed funds.

I was very fortunate, that I was able to successfully, now work from home raising my children, and I started 8 after school programs in various towns in New Jersey. It feels wonderful to help organizations that need funding, and I was so happy to be able to help all the organizations that I gave so freely to.

But it was a Band-Aid (get the inference) on the problem that all organizations and families had to raise money that they needed.

Fast forward to over 10 years ago, I received a call from the CEO of the company that I am now associated with, and, well, my life changed forever.

I was told that they needed someone to join and run fundraisers and hire people from various states that will do fundraising, using first aid kits as the basis.

I thought that this was the perfect thing that I had been looking for my entire life. I got started, and, well the rest is history,

Our company can help any organization, and/or person raise very needed funds. Everyone needs first aid, and so, as people purchase a first aid kit, they get value for their families, as well as help an organization raise the funds they so desperately need.

My question was, how were they able to sell them for such an inexpensive amount, and I learned that the company manufactures them themselves, and so it takes away 2 or 3 levels that other companies need to pay someone to get the ‘word out there’.

With my background, I already knew the severity of organizations that were on the brink of perhaps having to disband because of lack of funds to continue. I am so proud to tell you, as a result of so many groups running with us (we are a National company), we have helped them make unprecedented money to fill their needs.

If you are reading about us for the first time, why don’t you look at the rest of the website, and perhaps fill out the questionnaire, and let one of our expertly trained reps in your area call you back with all the information that you need to help your group raise the funds for whatever their needs are.

Sandi has hand picked her reps in the 23 states that she covers (others cover the other parts of the country). She has trained them extensively to be able to share 100% of the important information in order to help any group make the maximum amount of money that they are seeking. The reps are trained in many different ways to suggest for the groups to have the most participation and success. If you have been sent to this site to look at our business, please know that any rep that sent you to see it has gone through extensive training and has been working their territory in order to help their clients make the maximum amount of money for their time and effort. So, if another representative has asked you to look at this website, it is because we are all working together to help organizations make the optimum amount of money working with our first aid kits and our well trained staff.

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