Responsible Fundraising

with Fundraising made simple using First Aid Kits

Responsible Fundraising for Organizations & Individuals using First Aid Kits
Better Fundraising First Aid Kits

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Fundraising Made Simple with First Aid Kits

Fundraising made simple for any group or individual needing funding using our First Aid Kits.

Organizations, Groups, Individuals

Fundraising for groups including but not limited to:

  • schools
  • organizations
  • clubs
  • sports
  • businesses, etc.

Essential Program Elements

  • America’s # 1 Healthy Fundraiser using First Aid Kits
  • All American Made (helps promote American jobs)
  • No Minimums
  • No Contracts
  • 4 simple ways to choose to fundraise with us
  • 50% on brochure sales/40% online sales through December 1st (we have single and multiple links available)
  • You get a personalized fundraising specialist working with you free of cost to help you design the best, most comprehensive fundraiser for your group/team/club/class

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Better Fundraising is Easy!

with First Aid Kits proudly made in the U.S.A.

Simply Fundraise

Explore the 4 simple fundraising options using our First Aid Kits and choose those that will work best for you. This is a product everyone needs. Our fundraising specialists are ready to help you make the most of your time investment. Interested? Fill out the Contact Information form at the bottom of this page.

Our most popular First Aid Kit

This is a full size, soft-sided kit that is perfect for your home, RV, car, or boat. Organized and well-stocked with physician selected items. It also comes with a business card pouch perfect for clients or employee incentive programs.

Better Fundraising Soft Sided Kit with Pouch for Business Card

Fundraising Program Options

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We have a great selection of various types of First Aid Kits, so that there is something for everyone and every price point. Check out our products page for more information.

It is tried and true, and Hundreds of Thousands of $$$ have been earned by those that fundraise with us. We have lots of success stories that you can share with your group to learn how other groups have run such successful fundraisers with us.

Every first aid kit comes with a first aid guide which is incredibly comprehensive, and exactly what you need for the type that you purchase.

Your order is packaged and organized before shipment so it comes all wrapped up for each buyer. No more sitting on the floor to figure out who purchased what!!

Online Sales

  • Both one link or multiple online links are available
  • These are free and you can get monthly or weekly reports of how your fundraiser is doing.
  • You get 40% profit with online sales. Your group can send to anywhere in the country for support.
  • The first aid kits will be mailed directly to the purchaser, which means that there is no shipping $$ exchanged to have to keep track of.

Brochure Sales

  • We send you however many brochures your group needs
  • In addition, we send you the the program overview, and Event Tracking Posters and Fundraiser Announcement Posters, to post everywhere so people will be aware of your fundraising efforts.
  • You get 50% profit from brochure sales.

Show and Sell Backpacks

  • Quick Sell Backpacks can speed up your fundraising and inspire participants to sell more.

  • Each backpack features our most popular first aid kits, delivering a 50% profit with every sale.

  • Buyers get their kits immediately as your fundraising income rises.


Referral Program

We have a very unique referral program, whether you are an organization, or running one alone, for any group that you refer us to, your group will receive 5% of whatever they raise in their fundraiser, so sharing with others helps your group earn even more!!!!

About Sandi & Our Team

Executive Development Director

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I have always been associated with ‘helping people’.  In order to understand my journey, and what led me to Fundraising, I invite you to look at some of my ‘history’, and how I learned how important raising funds for others is.

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